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Local’s List: Indianapolis by Craig Baker

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

WFC is proud to feature "Local's Lists" as a part of its #FoodSportNation program. Through this

initiative, we will be highlighting Champion Chefs and Food Champs from across the globe asking them to name their Top 5 must-taste local eateries!

To kick it off, WFC's 2017 Chef Champion Craig Baker revealed the BEST spots to eat in his local city, Indianapolis. From cafes to pastry shops to pubs and more, sink your teeth into Chef Baker's Top 7 Indy restaurants!

“Everything here is always good. I really like the emphasis on the bread program which comes from their own bakery called Amelia’s. Go with a group and share a series of small plates, so you can try almost the entire menu.”

“Chef Oakley really hits the mark on several fronts, but his duck dishes and the shrimp corn dogs are must-haves. Make sure to sit at the bar so you can watch the action!”

“Can you say bao buns? Chef Erin has a passion for buns and it shows. These are always money and they really hit the spot. I usually get two orders instead of an entree – they are that good.”

“They have the best sandwiches in the city! There is an ever-changing list, but Batali is the money maker. A trio of house-made salami, romaine, spicy giardiniera mayo, and tomato preserves.”

“One of the best pastry shops in the Midwest for sure, but they don’t just stop there. The brunch and dinner menu is craftily designed with classics and innovative dishes that rift your normal dining experience. You indulge in their caramelized citrus and the bruleed Trillium croissant with blackberry compote.”

“An absolute long-term institution and city icon! Roger & Cindy Hawkins are the masterminds behind this sweet and savory spot! In fact, some may even say Roger is like Indy's own 'Soup Nazi,' and Cindy crafts some of the city's best pastries and breads!"

“Anthony's is centered in Carmel on the Moanon Trail, which links downtown Indy to Upper North Suburb. You MUST try the Ribeye Cap. It’s a delicious, decadent option that's prepared perfectly by Chef Justin Miller."

Thank you, Chef Baker, for your knowledgeable insights and guiding foodies in the right path to satisfied, full bellies in Indy.

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