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The Food Sport Insights

You've Been Craving

FINALLY, the World Food Championships (WFC) has created a platform that will satisfy all your Food Sport cravings – Food Sport Nation! This year-round, member-based program is here to offer competitors and foodies alike insider knowledge on upcoming events, expansions, scoring insights, brand opportunities and MORE!

Want to take a bite out of the type of content that's available?

Click the button below to join our 30-day free trial!


Questions? We have the answers! Check out our FAQ's below.

If you need additional insight, feel free to email us at


"When do payments come out of my account?"

Once you start your 30-day free trial, payments will auto draft every month on the same day you signed up.


"Will I have to re-sign up once my trial ends?

No. Once you start your trial, you are an official Food Sport Nation Member (unless you cancel, that is).


"What all do members get?

Exclusive and first-to-know information pertaining to
all things Food Sport!
Check out a list at our
Becoming A Member webpage.


"I didn't receive a competitor registration discount"

This discount is only valid to Food Sport Nation Members who have an active account for 12+ months.

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